She who is reborn.

The Rinascentia Story

Rina’s passion for cosmetics started at a young age. Enchanted by stories of her immigrant grandmother, Teresa, who travelled to Australia by boat and made a living proudly and successfully selling AVON, Rina found a role model. Inspired by her grandmother’s poise, elegance, and sharp business sense, Rina decided to venture into the business world herself.

Concerned about the chemicals she was using on hers and her children’s sensitive skin, and passionate about helping like-minded people, Rina began developing a range of products made with natural, gentle ingredients. The inspiration for these products came from her love of cosmetics and her knowledge of health and wellbeing. Rina’s vision was to create a sustainable beauty brand that transforms people through self-care, helping them to reach their highest potential.

Today, the Rinascentia range has a wide portfolio of clients and features signature cosmetics that aim to breathe new life into people’s self-esteem and confidence, so they are reborn.

The Rinascentia Values


The mind and body are your most important assets and deserve to be treated with love and respect. That’s why the Rinascentia range includes carefully selected natural ingredients, which are only tested on friends and family.


Rinascentia products are designed with the principal “what is within, so shows without” in mind. All ingredients used are gentle and natural to nourish your body from the outside in.


A wholesome skin care routine leads to younger, healthier-looking skin. Rinascentia products are developed with a genuine desire to educate and help people look and feel their best.


It’s essential that products do what they say they’ll do. Through extensive research and transparency of ingredients, the Rinascentia range is inspired by the desire to lead by example.


Maintaining a positive attitude helps you look and feel confident. This positivity extends to what we put into our bodies; self-love starts with self-care.


Giving is such a rewarding experience. Supporting charities and surprising customers with random gifts just adds a little spice to life.



I received a lovely gift, which was your rose mist and moisturiser. Haha now we can both have lovely skin! Such was the impact of meeting you and your talk on skin care. Your skin is beautiful and defies your age. Mine's so bad because I had no idea how to look after it.

Vicky Foster


I decided to try the new rebirth moisturizer after being a fan of silk for so long. I absolutely love this product. It is so luxurious on my skin and as I am getting older is giving me an extra boost I need to keep looking younger. #rinascentiasuperfan

Lennita Madonna, Director at Lennita Madonna


My skin health is important to me. Rinascentia skincare is amazing. My skin is brighter and softer since using these products. Plan Jane Serum and the Silk Moisturiser make’s my skin feel silky, smooth and hydrated all day. The combination of Rina’s range makes my skin very happy.

Hollie Webster - Age 30
Exercise Physiologist & Sport Scientist

I absolutely adore these products!

So far I have used Divine serum, Plane Jane and Terra Illuminum, I absolutely adore these products, they are super gentle and make my skin glow! After having years of skin issues and never finding the right products I am so grateful - they have changed my life! Recommend 100% x Sara

Sarah Chapman-Goetz
Uni Student

I cant thank you enough for the Plane Jane Serum

Rina, I cant thank you enough for the Plane Jane Serum, it’s such an amazing product that my skin is loving, I haven’t even worn makeup since using it. It’s super hydrating and smells incredible. Can’t wait to try all the other products!

Brittany Zisti
Managing Director, Sydney Harbour Luxe Charters

Your Silk moisturiser really helps my acne prone skin heal quicker

Rina, I must tell you that your Silk moisturiser really helps my acne prone skin heal quicker. I also love the serum. It’s so nourishing! I woke up with dark circles the other day, so I used your serum and it really helped.

Anita Krizanec

I absolutely love the Illuminating Face Mud

I absolutely love the Illuminating Face Mud. I followed your tip and used the toner on a moist face, gently applying the silk moisturiser straight after. I can feel how it absorbs much deeper into the skin, rather than staying on the surface. Great advice you little beauty expert you! Goodbye fine lines!

Donna McCormick
Spectrum Healing

Firms the skin, smooths lines and removes puffiness under my eyes

Aging is something we all face, yet all want to slow down. Rinascentia’s Orchard of Youth serum helps keep my face feeling good, firms the skin, smooths the lines, and removes puffiness under my eyes. Takes seconds to apply each day, and I can feel it working by my first coffee.

Michael Ebeid
Managing Director and CEO, SBS

My skin now glows and is a lot firmer!

I love using Orchard of Youth, as it feels beautiful on my skin. I have seen a noticeable difference. My skin now glows and is a lot firmer.

Anne Doran
Education, Australian National Maritime Museum

I really love the Plane Jane Serum!

I really love the Plane Jane Serum, and I want to buy some more. It's just beautiful. I use it on my face and body, and I think you could package the same product differently for face and body. I love it!

Karynia Sommen
Managing Director, Select Botanicals

My skin is so soft and fine lines are reduced!

With vitamin C, almond, and honey, the Illuminating Face Mud is sensational! My skin is so soft and fine lines are reduced. Well done Rina!

Alison Johnstone