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Skin Care for Dry Skin by Rinascentia

Our skin serves as protector from the weather and changing environments. The outermost layer of our skin consists of dry dead skin cells that sit over the living skin cells below it. As our cells regenerate and the new cells reach the surface it starts to dry out and shrink in size and eventually crack and flake off. Dry skin may feel uncomfortable, tight, itchy, or painful.

It is not only environmental factors that produce dryness. Prolonged use of soaps and surfactants over time can emulsify the lipids and proteins in our epidermis (top) layer of our skin resulting in trans-epidermal water loss, (TEWL). These and other irritants may alter the natural microbial flora of the skin.

Enhancing skin barrier function to break the dry skin cycle.

Think of your skin as bricks and mortar. The skin cells are the bricks and the mortar is packed with lipids called ceramides, cholesterol and free fatty acids in a ratio of 3:1:1 that keeps the skin moisturised and hydrated when working together as a well-functioning and healthy skin barrier system. When our skin is compromised by our environment, our health, age, climate, and genetics, the skin loses moisture like a dried-out leaf does when it loses water.

Moisturisers play an important part in our daily skin care regimen to combat dry skin. Its main goal is to balance the barrier skin function and prevent TEWL. With prolonged use, moisturisers can reduce the impact caused by internal and external factors such as prolonged use of harsh surfactants and soaps.

There are three classes of moisturisers: humectants, emollients, and occlusives.

  • Humectants: Attracts water from our environment and within the skin. Examples of these are glycerine and hyaluronic acid.
  • Emollients: Help soothe and soften skin. These are usually lipids and some lighter oils
  • Occlusives: Reduce moisture loss by creating a barrier. Some examples of these are butters and waxes.


A good rule to get into is to apply your products on damp skin to help increase effectiveness and lock in that vital hydration.

When layering the best dry skin care products, I recommend using water-based serums first after cleansing such as Plane Jane® Hydrating Serum to keep skin hydrated at the deepest level, then using a light moisturiser in the summer months that is rich in amino acids and actives such as Silk Nourishing Face Cream, which deeply nourishes, heals and strengthens the skin barrier system. Follow with an oil-based serum such as Divine Oleum with Coemzyme Q10 Chamomile to use as a barrier to protect skin, like an amour against drying.

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