Skin Care

Discover a whole new experience on how to care for your skin.

Our missions is to create products to repair, strengthen, regenerate and protect our skin’s barrier system and infuse the skin with hydration to leave your skin looking healthy, radiant and rejuvenated.

         The Rinascentia® skin care range is made using natural, premium, high performing nutritive ingredients with no nasty fillers, gums or toxins that seep into your skin.

Perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive, each one of our unique formulas are packed with vitamins and minerals that will help strengthen and nourish your skin.

Whether you use our products in a beauty salon or at home, Rinascentia®  will leave you gorgeous and glowing.

We employ sustainable manufacturing practices and the use of ethical accredited ingredients, buying Australian made where possible and helping with our environment. We use glass jars and bottles. In fact, our beauty salons and customers  keep their used jars and bottles and return them to us for refilling.

We love animals. We don’t test on them.

We love that and you will too!

All our products are created and manufactured by Rinascentia® in  

 Sydney Australia


Nourishment for your skin barrier. Purchase a limited pink edition of our popular skin renewal pa


A multi-tasking anti-rash formulation No rinse. pre-shave, shave and after shave cream


Your complete skincare needs in a great travel size suitable for frequent flyer cabin luggage.

$343.00 $260.00

All Your Essentials For A Short Escape / Travel / Sampler Pack.  


Nourishment for your skin barrier


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Wrinkle Smoothing Serum 20ml bottle


Marine Age Regenerating Serum 20ml bottle


With Vitamin C + Collagen Serum 15ml bottle


Marine Rejuvenating Moisturiser + Hydroxy Acid 50ml jar


Makeup Setting Mist 100ml bottle

$52.00 Out of stock

Sea Mineral Skin Tonic Spray 100ml bottle


With Coenzyme Q10 + Chamomile 50ml bottle


Cranberry Bioferment Hydroxy Mask 60ml Jar


Illuminating Cleansing Mud + Vitamin C


Nourishing Face Cream with Silk Amino Acids and Peptides  


For healthy glowing skin. Used by flight attendants and makeup artists worldwide