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Winner of over 50 Skincare Awards - Since 1999

About Rinascentia®

We aim to promote self-expression and ageless beauty. Far from the typical standards of the beauty industry.


'She who is reborn'


Rina’s passion and Love for beauty and skin care started at a young age. Enchanted by stories of her Nonna, Teresa, who travelled from Italy to Australia by ship. As a proud successful AVON manager, Rina found a role model, inspired by her grandmother’s poise and elegance.

Her entrepreneurial spirit was nurtured by her mother who was a strong, proud and dignified woman, an innovator with a sharp business mind who chased her dreams. Motivated by her mother’s support, she was the biggest influence mentor and teacher throughout her life.

Inspired and nurtured Rina expresses her gratitude and appreciation by these two brilliant women who were her biggest life mentors, Rina went on the route to success “The Italian Way” – encouraged by her Italian family traditions holding close to her heart the words her mum used to say. “I did it my way”.


Concerned about the chemicals she was using on hers and her children’s sensitive skin, and passionate about helping like-minded people, Rina began developing a range of beauty salon products made with natural, gentle ingredients. The inspiration for these beauty products came from her traditional family values and using the Italian method, of less is more, in her love of cosmetics and her knowledge of health and well-being. Rina’s vision was to create a sustainable beauty brand that transforms people through self-care, helping them to reach their highest potential.


Today, the Rinascentia® range has a wide portfolio of clients and features signature cosmetics and beauty products that aim to breathe new life into people’s self-esteem and confidence, so they are reborn. And, we take pride in being a Green Beauty and Blue Beauty brand.

Pure Formulations

We carefully select natural ingredients and only tested on friends and family.


Through extensive research and transparency of ingredients, our range is inspired to lead by example.

Giving Back

Supporting charities and surprising customers with random gifts.