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Winner of over 50 Skincare Awards - Since 1999

Boutique Australian beauty brand Rinascentia® wins 2021 Clean + Conscious Awards

Boutique Australian beauty brand Rinascentia® wins 2021 Clean + Conscious Awards

Sydney-based beauty brand Rinascentia® has been awarded across six 2021 Clean + Conscious Award categories, with its sophisticated and sustainable high-performing formulations.

It’s the second consecutive year the boutique brand has been awarded in several of the categories.

The Awards celebrate exceptional products that are safe, non-toxic, ethical, sustainable and socially responsible. The 2021 skincare judging panel comprised the who’s who of the beauty industry in Australia including Beauticate editor Sigourney Cantelo, Emma Freeman, Amy Hughes, Haha Hobson, Hannah Gay, Luke McLeod, Josh Reid Jones, Dominique Scott, Ash Quinn, Amy Starr, Carla-King Turner.

Rinascentia® founder Rina Timpano launched the brand in 2011 after several of her clients encouraged her to more widely promote the special formulations she would create by hand to repair their dry and damaged skin between visits.

Signature award-winning products include Plane Jane®, a hydrating serum originally developed for a flight attendant, and the ‘liquid gold’ Divine Oleum, an oil cleanser that doubles as a moisturizer and can also be used to soften frizzy hair or as after sun care.

“My product development process is heavily influenced by my traditional Mediterranean culture,” Rina said. “Natives, flowers, herbs feature heavily, some picked straight from my pesticide-free garden. Ingredients in each product work synergistically with each other and the skin’s own properties, and they are free of fillers, parabens, gums and toxins.

“My customers are clever women who appreciate luxury, have a refined sense of style and they don’t buy intro trends. They apply the same mindset to their skincare.

“It’s an honour to again be recognised by the Clean + Conscious awards.”

Rina said she instilled in the brand her deep appreciation for sustainability particularly in relation to the ocean and sea life.

“My ‘why’ is my children’s future,” Rina said. “It saddens me that one day our grandchildren may not be able to experience the beauty of our oceans and sea life, especially our beautiful Great Barrier Reef. We can do our small part and I only pray that large corporations will one day make a stand and work together to clean our oceans before it is too late.”

The winning products

GOLD + EDITOR’S CHOICE Category: Serum

Product: Plane Jane Hydrating Serum

A powerhouse of active ingredients that hydrate, plump, minimise wrinkles and rebuild damaged tissue.

Hero active ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, Sea Kelp Bioferment, distilled rose water, vitamins B5 and E.



Category: Cleansing oil

Product: Divine Oleum with Coenzyme Q10 + Chamomile

A delicate oil-based cleanser with an array of essential fatty acids and cell-energising Coenzyme Q10 to feed your cell membranes, and chamomile to soothe and resettle the skin.

Hero active ingredients: Ghana Fair Trade Shea Butter, coenzyme Q10, organic oils of squalane, jojoba, walnut, avocado, olive, organic chamomile flower extract and vitamin E.


Category: Exfoliator

Product: Terra Illuminum Illuminating Cleansing Mud + Vitamin C

For a deeper, hydrating and exfoliating cleanse, opens the pores to prepare skin for serums and is a vital step for greater skin brightness, smoothness and clarity.

Hero active ingredients: Red iron oxide clay, vitamin C, marine collagen, whole ground almonds, manuka honey, colloidal oatmeal, rose, cloves.

BRONZE Category: Vitamin C serum

Product: Orchard Of Youth Vitamin C + Collagen Serum

A high-potency brightening serum for the skin packed with four types of water and oil soluble vitamin C to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and nourish you skin deep.

Hero active ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, kakadu plum, citrus stem cells, water and oil soluble vitamin c, white tea leaf extract.


Category: Toner / Face Mist

Product: Hydrating Rose Sea Mineral Spray

Supports the homeostasis of skin in extreme temperatures and harsh climates (developed for Aussies in Morocco Tours™ founder Cara Ghassemian).

Hero active ingredients: Antarcticine® marine ingredient with glycoproteins that protects and helps your skin to withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, Sea Kelp Bioferment, distilled rose water, rose extract.


Category: Men’s personal care

Product: Not Just A Shave Cream

A moisturising pre-shave, shave and after shave formulation in one that actively works to soothe the skin, and prevent rash and redness.

Hero active ingredients: Kangaroo paw, gotu kola, quandong, bisabobol and beta glucan, niacinimide B3, aloe vera, rosehip oil and vitamin E.

About Rinascentia®’s commitment to sustainability

  • All natural ingredients sourced from local, sustainable suppliers (including Rina Timpano’s own pesticide-free garden)
  • Not tested on animals
  • Packaging carefully selected for its re-usable and recyclable properties. Sydney customers encouraged to bring bottles into salon for refill
  • 100% plastic free, aiming for circular
  • More at

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